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Elephant toothpaste (really fun foaming science experiment using hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, and yeast!)

Club Soda + Raisins = An easy "dancing raisins" science activity.....and who doesn't love a dancing raisin. PS - I will not make my pals wear goggles when we dangerously drop raisins in our La Croix.

MAKE AN ELECTROMAGNET. They run on electricity and are only magnetic when the electricity is flowing.

A palha que não fura a bola de sabão? Em:Experiments

Fun, easy way to teach the scientific method. "Do taller children have bigger feet then smaller children?" In the picture students collected their data (drew a bar the size of their feet) and used a ruler to measure their graph and record their results.

Rainbow Science Experiments - Fantastic Fun & Learning

Making Memories ... One Fun Thing After Another: Elephant Toothpaste {Science Experiment}

A simple science experiment for kids using candy

kitchen science experiments for kids - what will freeze first