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  • Shannon Taylor

    a book worth reading

  • Katrina Gallegos

    2011 Book Club Find: 1962 Mississippi - what happens when one woman gives voice to a group of maids in the south. Great book!

  • Information Store

    Currently in the Information Store we are promoting books to boost your mood! We're calling it 'Feel Good February'. Everyone's favourite feel good book is Kathryn Stockett's 'The Help'. Click the image to check the availability of this amazing book...or even check out the film adaptation! Have a look at the display by the main desk for more mood boosting books! #thehelp #kathrynstockett #feelgood #moodboost

  • Tarah Targus Seehafer

    One of my favorite books ever. A must read! The movie is great too but nothing beats a great book!

  • Trisha Palliser

    Great book, and better than the great movie adaptation. Kathryn Stockett, Author of The Help

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When I started this book, I could not put it down. I think I finished it in less than a day.

An empowering novel set in Jackson, MS. Yes it is about racism and there is definitely some stereotyping - HOWEVER the characters are accessible and the message is powerful.

After you can get over the broken English, this book will be a fast read. Heartwarming story and relatable having grown up in the south. The movie was just as good!

Stayed up way past my bedtime yesterday finishing The Help...

The Memory Keeper's daughter by Kim Edwards. Keeping a secret is never good and one about a twin baby given up for adoption because she was born with Down's syndrome is a horrible one. What led a physician to give his daugher up for adoption and keep it a secret from his wife and son?....well you should read this book to find out. I really enjoyed this book :)

I have watched this movie 4 times (so far) and cried just as much each time as the first time I watched it. GREAT movie!!!

Set in the racially-charged decade of the 1960s in Mississippi, The Help explores the tenuous relationship between African-American maids and the women/families they work for. Wanting to see things change for the better, a courageous aspiring writer convinces a group of maids to tell their stories, and tell them they do!

No-Obligation Book Club - August 2009 - The Help by Kathryn Stockett