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Virginia Bluebells; Mertensia!!!! Wildflower Farm woodland walkway wonders!!

Faerie Bells

Virginia Bluebells is a favorite woodland wildflower, Madison, Indiana

MayApple, Wildflower Farm! Ah the joys of the woodland wildflower garden in spring.


VIRGINIA BLUEBELLS (Mertensia virginica)

English bluebells

Wild Geranium in woodland Wildflower Farm garden. So lovely.

Virginia Bluebells

Wildflower Farm's Woodland Walkway Update! - Jacob's Ladder preparing to burst in to purple splendor!

Jack in the Pulpit, Wildflower Farm

Blue False Indigo - elegant spikes bloom in June at Wildflower Farm

Bluebells, Roosevelt Island, Washington DC

Wine Cups in their Magenta Glory! Calliroe involucrata at the Wildflower Farm; super in full sun, gravel or sun; cascading cups of pink!!!!

Pollinators!Mind your bees wax! Wildflower Farm's bees Love Coreopsis lanceolata!

purple prairie clover loves July in the Wildflower Farm gardens and meadows!

Pasque Flowers in bloom at Wildflower Farm in the rock gardens.Photo taken April 25th..... Love these fuzzy playful blooms! They need full sun and very sharp drainage. We've got them growing in gravel.

Purple Prairie Clover has a capsule shaped purple blossoom flecked with gold. They're just coming into bloom in the Wildflower Farm garden.

Tradescancia - Spiderwort - lovely, easy to grow Wildflower for sun or shade at Wildflower Farm.

Got sand or gravel? Well aren't you the lucky one. You can grow Beardtongue (Penstemon grandiflorus). Here it is alll pretty in pink in Wildflower Farm rock garden

Wild Petunia getting ready to bloom in the rock garden at the Wildflower Farm......