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  • Gold Dust

    Spring cleaning check list, fall cleaning check list is also available

  • A Dilts

    Great Spring Cleaning list. Very thorough. I would only add vac and wipe all base boards as well as picture frames. I love spring and fall cleaning!

  • Ashley Hackshaw

    The Mother of All Spring Cleaning Checklists! #spring cleaning #cleaning #diy

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The "mother of all" fall cleaning and winter preparation lists. A free download.

Just put all of these in my iPhone calender with alerts. No more forgetting what I need to do each day :)

Free Spring Cleaning checklist that you can customize to meet your needs!!!

Again can prob make one of these myself - or could just spend all of $3 and save a lot of time...

Operation Organize: How to Keep Your Home Sparkling | Especially for dorms/renting apartments

Anyway... with all the stresses of senior year (anyone want to hire me??? gulp.), I've been on a spring cleaning spree. I have vacuumed my room about twice a day for the past week. If you're not as OCD about that as me, I thought I'd share some of the big ticket items on my spring cleaning list.

Deep Cleaning - So happy I didn't have to create this list myself... It is a GREAT list! (honestly, i don't think i've ever cleaned this deep before!)

CHECKLISTS! A complete guide to cleaning your home... everything from simple daily tasks to deep spring cleaning.

Today is the very first post in a new and ongoing series on our site called Home Ec. Inspired by...

Great house cleaning list - some of these categories are repetitive, so it's not as long as it looks. Also, I don't understand the difference between curtains and drapes - but there's no way I would dry clean all the curtains in my house every 3-6 months. #crazytalk

WONDERFUL and thorough spring cleaning checklist. Just click on the link and print out! FREE!