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  • Kandace Handy

    I don't think this means you have to be a stay at home mom. I think it is stating the importance of a families home life above whatever else a woman chooses for herself. It is important as mothers that we put our homes and families above all else. That doesn't mean you can't follow your career dreams outside the home. You just need to manage both and have your priorities in order. God blessed women with the gift of pregnancy and child birth for a reason :)

  • Colleen LeBreton

    Inspirational quote

  • Karen Pedersen

    LDS by Gordon B. Hinckley

  • Crooked Creek Poultry Farm

    Gordon B. Hinckley. Good reminder...... (added my a working mother who also makes her house a home)...and what if they do both Gordon?

  • Amy Hillesheim

    President Hinckley on motherhood, so proud to be a mother and house wife

  • Inspired Shalom

    I know these sorts of things aren't "PC" but I've never been one to be "PC." #sign #quote #home #house #women #woman #mother #mom #family

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BUT - BE SMART - and DO NOT put yourself in danger, because this is not always possible to do.

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I love my past but I can't go back, I can't wish the future upon myself too fast for the fear of losing what I can have now, so I must enjoy the present while it's full of learning experiences I know I need.