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Mix 7 cups water, 1/2 cup baking soda, 1/3 cup lemon juice and 1/4 cup vinegar. Spray the concoction onto the dirty grout, let sit, and scrub with a brush. Sparkling grout await.

Les astuces nettoyage du bicarbonate de soude ! Le bicarbonate de soude est un minéral 100 % naturel, écologique, biodégradable et non toxique. C'est le produit écolo par excellence pour l'entretien et le nettoyage de la maison..

from One Good Thing by Jillee

Original Blue Dawn . . . It's Not Just for Dishes Anymore

For icy steps and sidewalks in freezing temperatures, mix 1 teaspoon of Dawn dishwashing liquid, 1 tablespoon of rubbing alcohol, and 1/2 gallon hot/warm water and pour over walkways. They won’t refreeze. No more salt eating at the concrete in your sidewalks. WOW need to try this!

Buy mesh bags from dollar store and fill with downy unstoppables then place in linen closet for fresh smelling towels & sheets all the time!

from Mom 4 Real

How To Remove Spray Paint From Your Skin - No Chemicals

from Mom On Timeout

White Chocolate Peppermint Sugar Cookie Bark