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one direction pranked (full) hahahha this video is just great. harry is the cutest person in the world.

One Direction Pranked (FULL) Harry was just being so good and calm, and Liam was trying to call her husband and everything. Niall just sits there. Talks to other people. Then sits back down!

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I actually sometimes wonder if these super famous celebrities are ACTUALLY real.

Not really funny, but cool! When it says blink fast, it means blink repeatedly, really fast. Then you'll see it.

Oh my gosh! This is awesome! It really works! I see Nialler!

Hm, I pronounce it the first way. Not British either.

One Direction.

im irish so i say wonder action people think im kinda weird though im also american i live in america so im not like total irish u knoow?<<<uh, I live in america and say it the Aussie way? But I'm American?

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Hey you. No, not you… The other guy. You right there! Yes you. Do you like tacos? Do you like tacos or not?

Kind of silly but this is a funny One Direction GIF

The boys are just Amazayn Brilliam Extraordiharry Fabulouis and Phenomeniall. Believe me I hate myself as much as you do right now.

Pick a dodgy wedding dress. What 1D song should be the first dance at your wedding?? I got 18!!

Which One Direction Song Should Be The First Dance At Your Wedding?

lol They dance to almost any song. Ive been laughing for days. Louis is like "Sass master is back!" Liam is like "smile and shimmy boys, smile and shimmy." And then Niall is just being the little Irish snowflake we all love!

Good lord. This some of my favorite one direction drawings or whatever you call. I love this.:

This Is Us: Teenage Dirtbag < My FAVORITE part of then entire movie ------ fuuuuuck they are so hot i love them