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  • Lisa Conley

    Pottery of ancient Greece - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • Leili Towfigh

    Ancient Greek pottery showing a goat as well as other animals #ceramics #pottery #ancient

  • Anne Smith

    Waitsfield Elementary Art: Greek Vases on Scratch Board

  • Monty Etzcorn

    The animal designs on the pottery, for art inspiration.

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Ancient Greek pottery showing a goat as well as other animals Note the erect tail so it is not a sheep #goatvet

Ancient Greek proto-Corinthian ceramic olpe with lions, bulls, ibex and sphinxes, ca.640-30 BC | Louvre

Cosmetics Container with Animals Greek made in Corinth about 570 BCE perhaps produced by the Chimaera Painter Terracotta (1)

Protocorinthian Aryballos, ca 640/620 BC, from Corinth. Louvre E383

Female statuette called "Lady of Auxerre" - 640-630 BC. Made in Crete? - Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum - Great Sphinx of Tanis by *Checco*, via Flickr The sphinx is a fabulous creature with the body of a lion and the head of a king. This one was successively inscribed with the names of the pharaohs Ammenemes II (12th Dynasty, 1929-1895 BC), Merneptah (19th Dynasty, 1212-02 BC) and Shoshenq I (22nd Dynasty, 945-24 BC). According to archaeologists, certain details suggest that this sphinx dates to an earlier period - the Old Kingdom (c. 2600 BC).

Corinthian Aryballos in the Shape of an Owl | Louvre| Paris - Department of Greek, Etruscan, and Roman Antiquities: Archaic Greek Art (7th-6th centuries BC)

Attributed to the Painter Analatos Loutrophoros Protoattique old (circa 690 BC) Manufacture: Athens

Etruscan funerary monument 3rd-2nd century BCE Terracotta | LOUVRE MUSEUM

Bastet - Solid cast bronze statue of the cat goddess, Egypt 664-332 BC (Musée du Louvre)