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love despicable me

Guru and his minions are my favorite things that ever happened in movies, I love minions and their stupid things and I am loving their funny & hilarious quotes too, talking about it here are so…

Despicable Me 2, even better because i was pronouncing "a-avery" like a-aaron

Despicable Me 2

my dad. "why are you texting him?" "what are you talking about?" "how long have you been texting?": Its A Boy, Despicable Me My Dad, Movie, Funny Stuff, Dads

Despicable Me. Agnes. Did you ever have a day where your Cheeto never turned into a butterfly?

Edith,Agnes Despicable Me - "Agnes: Aw. My caterpillar never turned into a butterfly. Edith: That's a Cheeto.

Minion creed

Funny pictures about For Minion lovers. Oh, and cool pics about For Minion lovers. Also, For Minion lovers.

Totally Kyle.


The Amanda Show Totally Kyle! - totally watched this episode yesterday on tv!this is my life.

Aladdin vs Titanic. I laughed way too hard at this one...

Aladdin vs Titanic

Funny pictures about Aladdin vs. Oh, and cool pics about Aladdin vs. Also, Aladdin vs.

best response to one of the most annoying sayings kids have ever created! I'm gonna use that saying when I have to. Especially when Im a parental unit.

Whenever people say "Pretty Please"

"Pretty please?" "The physical appearance of the please makes no difference". Despicable Me Gru & Agnes

Movie Memories™ on

Movie Memories™ on

Sometimes I eat instead of facing my problems - Despicable Me 2 me too GRU.