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  • Michaeleen Paige

    "READ THIS BEFORE PAINTING ANYTHING!!!! How to paint over glossy furniture WITHOUT SANDING! Excellent, detailed instructions on WHICH PRIMER to use, which PAINT to use & other IMPORTANT TIPS & INSTRUCTIONS!" #furniture #painting

  • Savannah G

    Painting furniture with no sanding, some short cut tips IMG_3997 I've done a few other furniture painting tutorials (you can find them on my side bar, along with a lot of other how-tos), but those were mostly whites, creams, grays. Not everyone lives with "low color" like I do, a lot of people like some flash. I know my family does, they all think my neutrals are boring. So when I paint something for them, its usually bright and cheerful. So, I thought I'd give you some tips for using deeper colors. IMG_3860 Our Hippy Chick was given this two piece set by her dad, it used to be his mom's. It looks okay as is, but dull for a fairy's bedroom, and this was meant to go in Sugarwing's room at her mommy's house. Its been painted a number of times, looks to me, like the latest was a 1960s antiquing technique. When I don't know who painted a piece or what they used on it, I always coat it with a BONDING primer, so my own paint will have good adhesion. If I painted it myself and know that it was latex with no poly top coat, I skip the primer and just paint it as is. But since so many things I paint are garage sale or flea market pieces, I have no idea who used what on it and I use primer in case. IMG_3987 Over the years, I've tried many of the brands of primers. Currently this is my favorite water clean up one. There are gobs of primers out there, be sure that you are using a Bonding primer, that says it will stick to glossy surfaces, do NOT use dry wall primer, that is a completely different thing. Kilz will not work unless you also sand. I NEVER ever sand or strip the piece before I paint it. Life is too short! Now, if you are painting something really tough, like laminate or a high gloss laquer, maybe a quick sanding wouldn't hurt, just to give it some tooth. But for most furniture, a bonding primer will be just fine with no sanding at all, as long as the piece is clean. For darker or deeper colors, use a gray undercoat to prime with. The white one is too glaring and will take more coats to cover it. IMG_3988 Speaking of coats, use good paint. Wall-mart paint is cheaper, but you use more because you are going to use more coats. More time, more work, more paint. A quality paint saves you quite a bit. This Behr is my fave, it comes in many colors and usually only takes one coat. For this, I let Sugarwings pick out the color herself. Its a Disney shade that is carried by Home Depot. I chose Satin finish, that should hold up to little fingers and heavy use with no top coat. This is a good paint that will last.

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