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    Yes, I like this one. Something to remind me of all the lessons to be learned, by the Crow!

    crow tattoo. Would love to get this with "Now shall you deal with me, O Prince and all of the powers of Hell" Maleficent of course :)

    Crow tattoo. More ideas.

    dislike the placement, but a unique bird tattoo

    I blinked in dismay as her hair... or should I say crows, as they flew from her head. So I hadn't been going bonkers, her hair was made of sleek feathers.

    “Sailors believed that a compass rose tattoo would bring them good luck and ensure that they made it back to shore alive. Considering the rough lives these sailors endured, with unpredictable seas, malnutrition and other hazards, some luck was needed indeed.”

    Crow Throughout history, the crow has been associated with both positive and negative symbolic meanings. The most common are: •Life magic; mystery of creation •Destiny, personal transformation, alchemy •Intelligence •Higher perspective •Being fearless, audacious •Flexibility, adaptability •Trickster, manipulative, mischevious.

    Crow Ten by David Ladmore

    The Crow tattoo. I will have this quote on me sometime. I will make the style my own though of course

    My favorite way to travel. How ironic that a witch turns into a crow and flies away.