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Sadly my kittens paws were munched on by the prob no flowers till next year...♡

Cotyledon tomentosa – Bear paws, kitten paws. My Bear Paws are a little touchy about overwatering, but I have managed to keep It not only alive, but looking pretty good.

Cotyledon ladismithensis leaves (aka cubs paw, bear claw) by The Ruth Bancroft Garden, via Flickr

Cotyledon tomentosa (Bear's Paw) → Plant characteristics and more photos at: www.worldofsuccul...

Coltyledon Tomentosa "Bear's Paw"

'Octopus' is a cotyledon orbiculata, commonly known as pig's ear or round-leafed navel-wort, is a South African succulent plant belonging to the Cotyledon genus.

'Kalanchoe Tormentosa' by Donnay, love the way the edges look kind of burnt...

I LOVE this succulent!! Crassula tomentosa

Kalanchoe tomentosa 'Chocolate Soldier'

Pig's Ear (Cotyledon orbiculata) from Annie's Annuals. Zone 9-10 (boo-hooing in Zone 7B where it's too cold).