Little red hen

The Little Red Hen- and or any other bird project

The Little Red Hen |

The Little Red Hen Craft

Would you help the little red hen? Graphing & writing activity

Little Red Hen....Just use a a red, paper circle instead of a paper plate.....or buy red plates from the $ Store

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The Little Red Hen craft to go with the classic story

little red hen sequence cards

Little Red Hen activity

Little Red Hen Puppets

Little Red Hen Sequencing Freebie Put the pictures in order to retell the sequence of events from the story, Little Red Hen. This free printable can be used with any version of the text!

Little Red Hen Craft...simple shape craft for preschoolers

Little Red Hen or bird craft

We also read The Little Red Hen and did a little writing activity with it. We decided if we would help the little red hen, which I thought everyone would say yes, of course, but we had a few that refused to help. I absolutely LOVE this little girls response as to why she would not help the little red hen.

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The Little Red Hen

Little Red Hen

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