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Free lesson plans, worksheets, activities, games and resources to teach kids about alcohol's affect on the developing brain. If you're a teacher, counselor or school admin, these free resources (including free printables) align to standards and are a fun addition to your science and health themes in the classroom. Specifically geared towards 5th and 6th graders, this unit also includes videos and tips for parents to help elementary school and middle school students say no to underage…

Why We're Quitting Homeschooling (& What We're Doing Instead

Why We're Quitting Homeschooling and what we are doing instead. We’re quitting homeschooling. Our kids will be attending public school this fall, and we’re no longer a homeschooling family. Check out how we came to this decision.

Thankful Print and Thankful Jar

A free printable Thankful Print and Thankful Jar - great to add to your Thanksgiving setup | @mamamissblog #thanks #gratitude

This hands-on teaching philosophy will have you swooning when you think about your own "out-of-the-box" grade school kid. Read up on her ideas and you'll be sold! And, above all, FEEL RELIEVED. This parenting gig isn't easy, and when someone has a great idea, I swoon with relief! Check it out!

This second infographic for #HispanicHeritageMonth highlights the faces of U.S. public school classroom. Download the infographic today on National PTA's Hispanic Heritage Month - Every Child in Focus page.

Visual System

Sensory Processing Explained | Visual System (Parent to Parent, Teacher to Teacher) Free Printable to make it easy to understand! #spd #sensory

7 Reasons Parents Hate Sending Their Kids Back to School

7 Reasons Parents Hate Sending Their Kids Back to School - Frugal Mom Eh!

Even in the best school systems, it can be so challenging for a child who doesn't fit the perfect learning mold and has trouble completing classroom or homework assignments. If your child has ever struggled with attention disorders or staying focusing, you'll want to read this honest look at one momma's heart in working through challenges. Take encouragement in the truths here--you aren't alone!