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VIDEO: How alcohol affects your developing medulla. Calling all teachers, school counselors, school nurses and parents - this is one part of a 9-video series developed to teach middle school students the affects alcohol has on the brain. After viewing the video, visit asklistenlearn.org to download free lesson plans and activities to help educate 5th and 6th grade children on how to say no to underage drinking and yes to a healthy lifestyle.

How alcohol affects your kids& brains (VIDEOS) - Ask, Listen, Learn

FREE Vitamin Matching printable - Match the vitamin to the foods and body part it helps. MeetPenny.com

Teaching Children About Nutrition

Infographic: Germs can be spread in oh so many ways. Here are just a few of them.

How do germs spread? [Infographic]

It’s never fun when your child is sick. Find out how to help your child avoid germs and stay healthy throughout the year from this infographic created by a pediatric urgent care.

This "Just Think Twice" anti-drug website has a great set of questions to ask your students after you've taught them about the dangers of drugs. To get the link to the DEA website and to get an easy-to-use  worksheet with the questions: click the link below to my website, go to the far righthand column under "FREE Enrichment Articles" - May 2013.

Engaging middle and high school health curriculum for FREE and for sale. Free articles, teacher tips, surveys, lessons and more.

13 Most Common Places Where Kids Hide Drugs

13 Most Common Places Where Kids Hide Drugs [Infographic]

13 Most Common Places Where Kids Hide Drugs - I 13 posti più comuni dove i bambini nascondono la droga - Not an endorsement of product.

Role-play slideshow: How to handle acquaintances who leach on to you

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