Hardangenfjord, Norway.

Flam, Norway

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Sweden #monogramsvacation

Bergen, Norway

Lake Side, Stryn, Norway. via pars




Mountain Valley, Norway

Svolvær, Norway

Norway! https://www.tauck.com/tours/europe-tours/scandinavia-travel/scandinavia-tour-sc-2013.aspx



Myrdal, Norway.

Norway at night - Øystein Engan

Innerdalen, Norway

Geirangerfjord, Norway

Near Storslett, Norway

Top 10 European train trips. These sound like so much fun! Love train travel. But I need @Minh-Tu Pham there to play Tien len with!

Aurora Borealis in Ersfjord, Norway. During the Northern Hemisphere's autumn and spring, solar magnetic fields are oriented in just the right way to cause "rips" in Earth's magnetic field. The resulting increase in solar wind on Earth encourages auroral sky shows but can also damage satellite technology and electrical grids on the ground. (National Geographic)