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      Creative Mama on a Dime: 7 Awesome & Fun Summer {Science} Activities for Kids

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      How to Make Cola Bombs -- the easier way. It seems like a waste of diet coke, but it's not lot we'd drink it... plus good for kids to learn that stuff is chemical, not food :)

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    Wife's niece came over for a bit. Asked her if she could make me an ice cream cone with "4 beautiful scoops!" After 36 minutes, i walked into the kitchen to find this. And a defeated child.

    Wife's nephew looks like he's deep in thought, but what's really going on is that he just asked me if I knew what dog food tasted like.

    Went to visit wife's nieces. Was happy to see them playing patty cake. Was not happy to hear them call me "ratchet ass."

    Went out for a walk with Wife. Wife asked me why I didn't buy this house for her. I asked her why she doesn't have a job. Note to self: no more job jokes.

    Baby vomited on his toy bunny the other day. Wife washed and hung it to dry. Just realized today that it's a dog with long ears. No longer sure if baby knows what a bunny is.

    I don't know who these people are but I ended up on this couple's porch, watching them blow bubbles. Wife wonders where I am sometimes.

    Blackboard walls at preschool have given wife's niece and nephew a false sense of reality. To them, all black walls are free game.

    Wife's making christmas tags. She's also making it hard for me to keep a healthy looking backyard garden.

    Wife and I went over to Jey's for dinner. I have no idea what's dinner and what's decoration.

    Brother asked if I could babysit. Nephew sleeps a lot. I got bored.

    Redid the basement to make it manlier. Thought the wood added a nice design touch. Wife added candles... Much less manly.

    Wife made pasta for dinner. Guess i'm eating off the counter tonight.

    Jey had us over to show her new reno. The upper level is completely open concept. Reminder: baby's room needs blinds.

    Wife made tacos! I love tacos. We have company. I hate company...

    This is the time of year when wife brings lots of outdoor things indoors.

    Went over to Dave's tonight. It was just us so we decided to try out a new pumpkin pie recipe. Diamond slices sounded like a great idea when we started but don't know if it was the best idea.

    Wife told me not to touch the mini donuts. Told me they were for her book club. I pretended to poke at one of them. I have poor depth perception...

    Told wife that the guys at work make fun of me for the excessive sandwich wrapping. She said they're just jealous I have a wonderful wife. I smiled. Also decided not to talk about the poor meat to bread ratio..

    Need to talk to wife about finishing what she starts.

    Wife found a poster in our attic and put it up. Her eyes got a little watery. 2007 must have been a good year for her...

    Got wife's niece a play house to have at her cottage. Niece tells me it's a bitch to maintain. Note to self: stop watching HBO with niece.

    After our conversation about parchment paper, wife made scones. We've regressed.

    Wife started using parchment paper. I told her I was proud of her progress. And that clean living is good living. I didn't get a donut...

    I adopted a "just say yes" attitude early in my relationship with wife. I don't like iced coffee. Wife thinks I love it. I drink iced coffee every day...

    We're looking for a new accountant. Wife suggested we meet with this one, Sarah. Whispered to wife, "I don't trust accountants with parquet flooring." Sarah heard. Still looking for new accountant.