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these would be kinda awesome for a wedding... more comfortable than heels, but still cute :-)

have scraps of left over fabric? save them for your toms. an extra button ussually comes with a new shirt, save those buttons. ribbons you accidently cut too short? make all of this into a fun tom.

Hand Painted Musical Dream Catcher TOMS shoes by BStreetShoes, $139.00

Puerto Rican Coqui Frog TOMS shoes by BStreetShoes on Etsy, $149.00

I don't usually like Toms but DANG :) these are groovy :)

Handmade Style Christine Marie by ShersShoeBox on Etsy Hand painted Toms canvas shoes

Custom Tribal Print Toms Partial by Chelmarca on Etsy, $130.00

Custom TOMS shoes by ATouchofPersonality on Etsy

what to do when the toes on toms go out because they inevitably do.