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  • Stephanie Warner

    52 week save money challenge. Might be a good thing to try for this new year

  • Diana Starbuck

    Great Idea! 52 Week Save Money Challenge

  • Erin Thomas

    52 week savings challenge. Good idea.

  • Rose Mis

    2014 SAVINGS CHALLENGE There's a 52 Week Savings Plan Challenge going around again on the web with this chart. How it works: Each week, you set aside the amount equal to the week. EX: Week 1, you set aside a ($1), Week 2, ($2), Week 3, ($3) and so on. By the end of the year if you follow the chart above you will have $1,378.00. Wow! What an easy and fun way to save money. Who's in? #money #wealth #rich

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for me I think I would start with the $52 and work down, I always atart out Gung Ho, and it seems to peter out...this way the less you have to put in, you'd still have the same amount at the end.... Effortless savings, take the 52 week money challenge! Play with numbers you get the idea.

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Not sure if I can do this but thinking about trying...52 Week Money Challenge

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I want to do this for 2014...52 Week Money Challenge. Sounds easy enough! Would be fun to take the kids on a trip or have plenty of christmas money.

The 52 Week Money Challenge Added the dates of the weeks using Saturday as my week*end I am SO doing this. Possibly one for each person in the house imagine that $5512.00 in one year. Now that would be a VACATION!

12 month challenge, rather than saving this money I am going to put it toward my credit card bill, on top of the monthly bill. Pay it off by the end of the year! GO!