Explanation: Christians don’t think they’re perfect. The whole point of Christianity is that we are far from perfect and God loves us anyways. (I got a lot of “Yes, I am Christian. No, I am not perfect. No, I don’t think I’m better than you.” I tried to word it this way so it would be clearer.)

Jesus died for you in public so don't only live for him in private...

I'm not a Christian because I'm strong and have it all together. I'm a Christian because I'm weak and admit I need a Savior. ~ Lecrae


true that

...but so true.





I found a fun new blog, and I had a lot in common with this girl. I liked her. And as I devoured her posts, my heart started burning with shame that I didn't do something equally as impressive as she had. And then Holy Spirit hit me hard with the conviction of this favorite sin. I didn't realize how much I was lusting for the world when I was reading my favorite blogs every single day. read more--->

Amen!!! The reason I live, breath, work ,wake up at morning is all through him..... Glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ!

So true!

As much as you want to plan your life...

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your name. so beautifully true

Your character is very important as it shows who you belong to...

Being a Christian