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  • Sara Kieffer

    way cool - a door window curtain made from old photo slides. Each corner of the slides were joined together via chain rings. Add some large curtain rings and a rod and voila! What a clever idea.

  • Stasia Fite

    Great ideas for repurposing! Use old picture slides into window door frame cover drapes

  • Rebeca Wenzel

    I can do this! I have Pop's old slides! Curtains from Kodachrome Slides It's a pair of curtains made out of old Kodachrome slides! I'm really interested in photography, and will buy old cameras in antique and thrift stores in order to develop film that's inside of it. From time to time, I'll find collections of old slides and will buy those, too. Last fall, driving back from vacation, we stopped at an antique store outside of Kansas City and I found a box of a ton of old slides, mostly Kodachrome, from the 50s and 60s. I hate the idea that these pictures would just be resigned to the garbage or something, and wanted to display them. Travis has this neat drill press set up for the Dremel tool, so he taped a cardboard jig to it and started drilling all of the little holes. Then I connected them all together with chainmail rings. Each panel is made up of 114 slides. They're connected on top by rings with those little grippy claw things on them. They're really easy to open and close, and provide privacy and look really neat at the same time. The only thing I'm not sure about is how long the Kodachrome slides will last in sunlight without fading. The bottom half of the curtains especially will receive direct sunlight, but I figure if any of them start fading a ton, I can just replace them with other slides.

  • Whitney Hill Cronk

    what a neat idea! #DIY "Curtain" made of old film slides - Drill 8 holes in each slide and connect with metal rings - Creates a sort of "stained glass" effect while reusing something in a new way.

  • Michelle MacLean

    Window Cover Using Old Picture Slides, + 49 other recycling/upcycling ideas. This may be a good use for those old commercial slides sold to tourists that I found among my grandmother's photographs. Surely better than throwing them away.

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