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Only the wusses...

Design intent vs. user experience

It's not a bug #gamedev

Happily toasting marshmallows

So I saw this on #TheBerry at work and for no apparent reason it seemed super funny and I burst out laughing in an otherwise fairly quiet work pit, proceeded to laugh silently with staccato outburst all the time scaring my coworkers for about 20 minutes. They think I'm crazier than usual now...

I earn at least one of these a week | I survived another meeting that could have been an email...

Massively that was. The end of an era in online gaming sites.

“So what does a game designer do? Are you an artist? Do you design characters and write the story? Or no, wait, you’re a programmer?”

oh how I wish.

The open office pit and why it doesn't work for work.

Sky Mural Ceiling Panels - wonder if these could go over the fluorescent panels in our office/dungeon?

Always be suspicious of that unexpected pile of health and ammo. | Gamer Humour

Maybe I'll try this at work...

If I start to put my headphones in while we're talking, I'm signally that the conversation is over and you need to walk away.

"5 MMOs That Did Not Deserve to Die" : Shadowbane, Warhammer Online, Tabula Rasa, City of Heroes, and Star Wars: Galaxies.

Dishonored ultimate cosplay. No that is not a render, that's cosplay done right.

Dishonored cosplay - that is amazing

Skull lamp

Video game lag in real life… GIF


Upgraded model for standing/sitting desks. $500.00

Xenomorph FTW

I totally need these for work!

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