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eInk smartwatch


I'm Watch... Best smartwatch before Pebble...

The Pebble Steel is not only one of the most functional smartwatches available. It's also one of the most attractive.

Meet Pebble. Customize Your Perfect Watch. It's as Easy as Downloading an App.

Pebble E-Paper Watch - I love these.

Η Archos παρουσίασε τρία νέα smartwatches στην έκθεση CES 2014 - http://www.greekradar.gr/i-archos-parousiase-tria-nea-smartwatches-stin-ekthesi-ces-2014/

Sony Smartwatch

Pebble smartwatch coming to Best Buy starting July 7 http://cnet.co/1b5d50u

Top 10 Smartwatch Companies Highlight Industry Dynamics #infographic #SmartWatches #MobileDevices #Technology

A Hands-On Look at Apple's New Smartwatch and iPhone 6/6 Plus

Google hires a Chief Game Designer, possibly for work on Android http://www.theverge.com/2013/5/2/4294700/google-android-play-studio-noah-falstein-video-game-design

When is an Android smartwatch not an Android smartwatch? When it's from Android, a Florida luxury watch company founded in 1991—long before Google rolled out its Android mobile software in 2007. The Android Smartwatch GTS, shown at the Luxury Technology Show in New York, doesn’t run Android (it uses proprietary software) but can connect wirelessly to Android and iOS smartphones. It has a handful of built-in apps and can be used Dick Tracy-style as a Bluetooth speakerphone. $199

SEIKO Electronic Ink watch. Possibly the coolest watch ever.

Nvidia's Big Plans For A Handheld Gaming Gadget Have Hit A Snag (NVDA) - http://forex.bankrobbersindicators.com/business-2/nvidias-big-plans-for-a-handheld-gaming-gadget-have-hit-a-snag-nvda/

All those cables, so perfectly arranged.

Meet the Amazon Kindle with 'Paperwhite' backlit display

Sony SmartWatch 2

Ritot — Projection Watch

The Personal SuperComputer - CHM Revolution

A transparent wristband Apple Watch concept.