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CC_Sunline - Fun Dip Lik-m-Aid - two-flavor candy package - 1976

Lik-m-aid - Triple-Pack Fun Dip - two-flavor candy package - 1976

Loved these when I was a kid.

Who else loved this fruity retro candy as a kid? Charms are perfect for the times when you need a nice candy to pop in your mouth and savor for a while.

We used to go to Farrells on our birthday and eat this, paper backing and all.  They didn't taste great, and really weren't worth the effort, but for some reason they were our favorite.

15 of the Strangest Candies We Were Obsessed With As Kids

Ice Cubes Chocolates. they were always up at the checkstand.  I always wanted to have one but when I tried them they were not as good as I had imagined them to be.  Good texture though.

Ice Cubes Chocolates: 100-Piece Display

My all time favorite candy. Unfortunately they can only be ordered from the web or purchased at the 'Old Time Candy Shoppes' We can still find these in some gas stations in Wisconsin - yummy! melts in your mouth!

Wax bottles with candy juice...and then you chewed the wax like gum...Some of the cheaper brands just crumbled in your mouth..haha! by ester...

I remember! Wax bottles with candy juice.and then you chewed the wax like gum.Some of the cheaper brands just crumbled in your mouth. by ester.

Bit-o-honey - corner store, chewy purchase

Cold, inordinately chewy, and if you managed to make it malleable, it adhered to the surface of your molars like epoxy. mudwerks: “ MB_Bit_O_Honey (by PopKulture) ”

5 cents candy. Always loaded up at Karmazzi' s.


wax soda candy -- use to love these as a kid. Had one recently, and it was horrific tasting. Ha. :)

Wax Bottle candy, bite off the top, drink the juice; then chew the wax til flavor was gone.oh yeah.