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Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: Ladies.all this talk about Magic Mike and 50 Shades of Grey has distracted us from what is really important.

'I really wanna marry the guy who whistled at me from his car' - said no woman ever.

So true. And the same goes for whistling at me while I'm pumping gas. If you want a chance, PUMP IT FOR ME! moral: do not whistle at me. If it makes me feel anything, it is jealousy; I cannot whistle.

LOL for Mondays.  Smile the way through your day & by Tuesday Monday will seem far away (:

adding "and shit" at the end of sentence, can make anything sound thug. Example: i was playing with my bubbles and shit.

Put your clothes back on Channing Tatum, said no one ever. @Laura Rutherford @Lulu Hames

Put your clothes back on!

Duuhh, no one ever told someone to put their clothes on Channing Tatum. It's the lack of the comma that actually makes this funny.

Everything in moderation

Funny Flirting Ecard: 'Put your clothes back on Channing Tatum', said no one ever.

Only Southerners know the difference between Redneck and White Trash! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  ☀CQ #southern #quotes #ecards

But for those of you who don't know, rednecks are like duck dynasty, white trash are like honey boo boo.

Pathetic gene pool LOL

I look at people sometimes and think… Really? That’s the sperm that won?

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Healthy Vanilla Avocado Milkshake

"I don't care how old I am, when hocus pocus is on tv you shut your mouth and pay attention" Harju I don't think we will ever be too old or get sick of watching this movie haha no matter what time of year it is!

I love you so much. Except when you snore and then I just want to punch you in the face.

Says my husband to me.I love you so much. Except when you snore and then I just want to punch you in the face.

This is hilarious! I'm not married but this will be true for when I am!