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  • Lori Morris

    Sent a letter to a soldier.... Let's just change this to LOVE a soldier! ;)

  • Emma Broekema

    Send a Present to a Soldier / Bucket List Ideas / Before I Die

  • Holly Gardon

    Always donate to Marines and soldiers around Christmas! It truly makes you a better person.

  • ShelbyD

    Check! ✔ Sent many care packages & Christmas presents to soldiers throughout 2011 & 2012

  • Halee Webb

    I've sent my cousin a care package but I'd love to send a care package to a random soldier!

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bucket list: stand with one foot on one side of the equator and one on the other side.

checked this one off... Most people's Bucket Lists make me go, "Hmmmmm..." This is actually on mine. It's just a matter of time til I get there.

One of my friends family had their Xmas card pictures taken there one beautiful. And talk about withstanding the test of time

my parents took me on once in a lifetime vacations. i hope i can give my kids everything i was given.

actually there is no such thing as zero gravity due to the fact that there will always be some sort of body in space that is pulling you towards it... just thought id say that.

I have a new goal in life:: "You've Got Mail's" Guide To New York Jill Meyers Meyers Meyers Meyers Meyers Mynatt

I'm going to bunch of festivals this summer >>> I'm so excited!! What is your favorite festival?

7// Acquire at least three new skills during your year. Suggestions - photography, skydiving, computer programming, martial arts. The key is not to become an expert at any of them, but to become functionally proficient. Cost variable, but any would likely be less than three credits at a traditional university.

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