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Woven Prayer Hamper

Woven Prayer Hamper - Keep the nursery tidy with this stylish, woven hamper in neutral, woven rattan.

Hamper Aqua Medium

This beautiful African hamper is irresistible whether it's doing it's job as a laundry hamper, used as a storage container or just standing as a design piece.

Grande taille 100 % jute naturel eco amical grand espace linge vêtements bin / jute bin/blanchisserie stockage binP069

Big size Natural jute eco friendly Big space Laundry clothes bin/ jute bin/Laundry storage via Etsy. - Elegant Home Fashions Charlotte Hamper with Cotton Bag - -

The Conrad Hamper provides a simple and sturdy design for your clothes. This convenient hamper has crown molding at the top, a magnetic door and two cotton bags so you can separate your clothes easily.

Aqua Oversized Hamper... obsessed

Woven baskets and lidded laundry hampers that are handmade in Senegal, Ghana, and Kenya. All of our African baskets are fair trade and high quality.