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life goes on

I swear Chris can have me any day of the week, month, and year!

Christian Bale

5 Obscure Celebrities That I’m Convinced Are Demons in The Sack.

BALE: I don't want people to know me. BALE: Because that buggers up my job. ESQUIRE: How does it do that? BALE: Because if you know something about somebody, it gets in the way of just watching the guy as the character.

Nothing quite like a man in a leather jacket

Josh Holloway or another name you might know him better by "Sawyer." He's got that bad boy charm but the soft side too that just makes you want to eat him up.

Taye Diggs - I am such a sucker for fit men in waistcoats - I blame Gatiss.

Eye Candy: The Sexy Cast of 'The Best Man Holiday'

The brothers of the The Best Man are back and looking better than ever.