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it took me 5 minutes to repeat this from laughing so hard...The fact that i can laugh about a harry potter joke for 5 minutes......scary. @Audrey Hunt


The Magic Carpet


I was going to my dates house to pick her up from the prom when her mom told me that I should take this sewing machine back to my house as a gift for taking her daughter to the prom. On the way to the prom my dead sexiness made this UPS truck crash into a lake. My date thought it was so funny that she told me to pose for this picture. Muhahahaha.

this. is. brilliant. going to do this to someone! haha can i be will ferrels parents? i would be too proud


I'm Peeta and you know it!

Hunger Games funny

I actually laughed out loud after seeing the gif and wonder if that's how I look like cause that's how I feel.

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