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Suuuper long doxie! I need to borrow another dachshund so I can take pictures like this :) #dachshund #love #wienerdogs

fortheloveofdachshunds: _MG_3267 by therezablonde on Flickr.

Well hello there, random human visiting my home. Did you happen to bring anything good? Hotdogs? Biskits? Bacon? If you did, you could just become my new best friend!

I've been telling Jared to get Pepper a diamond collar, but pearls would work too! Perfection!

Oh my gosh. As cute as daschunds are... They have the nastiest habits. They roll in smelly things outside to disguise their smells.... Ours also likes to eat poop! That's why I don't let him kiss me!

I got piglet, I'm ready for bed now!

despite my varied assortment of dogs, my cat was the only furchild who ever learned to play fetch.

Even puppies like road trips :) >>> I had to share this, just too cute!

Dachshund, Wiener Dog, little hot dog, hotdog dog; whatever you want to call him...he is so cute!!