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A Simple Breathing Exercise To Relieve Anxiety (Video)

This is a great breathing exercise if you’re overheating in a hot yoga class or even stressing out in traffic. After a few minutes, or even just a few breaths, you’ll feel the powerful, cooling

Breathing Exercises for Anxiety

Deep breathing is the single most powerful daily practice for advancing your health and well-being. It might seem unusual, especially to people in

A Simple Breathing Exercise to Calm Your Mind & Body

Forgiveness is the essence of freedom. It will free you from your past; it will free you for your future. It will free up space within you to create the life and the love you really want. (I’m talkin

A Breathing Exercise To Help You Live In The Moment

The breath is our tool for healing and transformation. Our breath directly communicates with the autonomic nervous system, encouraging either the sympathetic response or parasympathetic response.