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Gluten and Endometriosis | Healthful Elements

Is there a 'cure' for endometriosis. This article looks at what 'curing' is really all about and how it is your own immune system that will do any curing of endometriosis.

Feel your best this fall season. While Ayurvedic elements of space and air dominate, we call this vata season. Vata, like the wind, cannot be seen directly. Its expression is more subtle. We experience vata by the way it colors our physical, mental and emotional experience. (Yoga Journal)

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.Ho'oponopono. The complete mantra is --I'm sorry (taking 100% responsibility for everything that shows up in your experience) --Please Forgive Me (making your Peace with God for being out of alignment with our divinity) --Thank You (gratitude for Divine intervention) --I Love You (aligning with the divine through Love)

Negative Emotions & the 5 Elements: Science of the East and West. Somewhere in the middle, we are both correct.

Struggling with sugar cravings? Try my Holy Basil vinegar to bust those sugar cravings and help you naturally adapt to stress now. In the meantime, if you're...

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), each season represents one of the Five Elements: fire, earth, metal, water and wood. And since we mirror nature, each of these elements corresponds with an or…

How to get over anxiety with natural remedies | Melissa Ramos | Nutritionist & Acupuncturist