If you're wondering which birdcage is best for your parakeet, ... :o)

fish tank living room. AWESOME If fish didn't scare me I would buy a fish just to do this!

FOr those animal loving folks living in small NYC apartments ..

a bird cage INSIDE a fish tank

A Mouse House Night Light - idea #kids_room

10 Creative Ways to Use a Jar - gold fish

This is brilliant. The pre-fab Groundfridge will store as much as 20 refrigerators underground without using electricity.

I saw a hanging cage-light similar to this on Property Brothers not too long ago. Such a cool idea!

Custom-made wooden fish tank with Bali-style roof.

Self Cleaning and Self Feeding Fish Tank

I WANT TO BE A FISH just so i can swim in those awesome tanks!!!!!!!!!!!

Love this idea...and I think my cats would love having the "fish tank" station on all day!!!

Such a great idea for beta fish. I want to do this!

Blue Shark with Pilot fish - Tony Meyer

This makes a great gift and so easy to do. 1 Betta fish, 1 Peace Lilly, small plastic tray (cut to hold plant), glass pebbles and an extra Vase.

Antique aquarium -

old Mac to fish tank

Another 12 of the Coolest Aquariums (cool aquariums, cool fish tanks) - ODDEE

Planter and a fish tank in one

unique aquariums. can honestly say we never had a fish bowl like that when we were growing up!