They wanted to pray together before the ceremony but didn't want to see each other. Beautiful <3

saying a pre-ceremony prayer together without seeing each other

My dream wedding has to include my dream man. If you want to be my dream man, you've got to love The Son of Man!

pictures to take before the ceremony without breaking tradition

I've never seen this before. Love

from Ecclesiastes 4:9-12. A marriage is meant to be made of 3 often forgotten in society today!

Bride and groom together before the ceremony but they are blindfolded so they can't see each other.

Letters to each other the morning you get married. <3

Every girl would die for this shot

i can dig these photos that only he will see :)

A fun DIY wedding favor idea for alcohol wedding receptions and bachelorette party favors, create your own hangover survival kits packaged in custom printed bags for guests to pick up at the bar before they leave. Add sunglasses, band aids, mouth wash, Tylenol or aspirin, and energy bars to help guests recover the morning after. These personalized bags can be ordered at

This would be fun forced perspective for a fairies photoshoot! :)

10 "non-traditional" must-have wedding photos

If you decide NOT to see each other before, you should totally consider doing a moment like this... A photo where you hold hands before the ceremony but don't actually see each other. So cute :)


Farm romance

After the last friend gets married, everyone puts on their wedding gowns one last time for a photo shoot. Such a cute idea!

Seeing each other before the walk down the isle can still be a suprise

Wedding Photos Before the Ceremony?

awwww :D

The groom and the best man praying right before he walks to the Nothing would melt my heart more than to get my wedding pictures back and see this among them.