They wanted to pray together before the ceremony but didn't want to see each other. Beautiful <3

I've never seen this before. Love

My dream wedding has to include my dream man. If you want to be my dream man, you've got to love The Son of Man!

pictures to take before the ceremony without breaking tradition

saying a pre-ceremony prayer together without seeing each other

rounded seating for the ceremony

Groomsmen praying before the wedding

A Drop in the Ocean - Ron Pope one of my all time favorite songs. Thanks to my brother Shawn!

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Your bridesmaids will love these stemless wine glasses | by foxblossom co.

Praying before the ceremony.

Praying before the wedding <3

Bride and groom together before the ceremony but they are blindfolded so they can't see each other.

This is perfect.

Cute wedding photo

Can't remember if i've already pinned this...but i LOVE adorable

100 Questions to Ask Each Other Before You Get Married Married, Engaged or just dating, these are great questions!

Prayer...maybe if more brides did this, the divorce rate would go down???

10 Christian Wedding Ideas: Florida Wedding Ideas | Rustic Folk Weddings-Pray together before the ceremony

Lovely wedding cake with lotus Sugarflowers

Every girl's groom should look like this!