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High King

Big Brother

King Peter

Chronicles Of Narnia

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kings and queens of old

Pevensies 3

They'Re Standing

Narnia Prince Caspian

Pevensies Prince

Throne Formation

Favorite Movies

Pevensies Caspian


Standing Exactly

The Kings and Queens of Narnia

Narnia Movie Quotes

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Chronicles Of Narnia Quotes

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Things never happen the same way twice.

Narnia Movie Scene

Gray Lyrics

Narnia Sad

Favorite Songs

Chronicles Of Narnia

Beloved Narnia

Frozen Rivers

"The frozen rivers run / the death of winter comes undone / everything I thought I knew / everything sad is coming untrue" - Jason Gray [The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe]

Narnia Edmund

Narnia Quotes Edmund

Little Narnian Things

Narnia Prince Caspian

Edmund Narnia

Chronicles Of Narnia

Little Sisters

Discovered Narnia



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Prince Caspian

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Sassy Lucy

Chronicles Of Narnia

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Narnia Prince


The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Narnia Funny

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Em Susan

Chronicles Of Narnia

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So Funny

Well said Susan!!

Narnia Quotes

Narnia Forever

Queens Narnia

Chronicles Of Narnia

Narnia High

23 Movies

The Kings and Queens of Old Peter: "High King Peter the Magnificent." Susan: "Think you could've left off the last bit."

Fandom Quotes

Hunger Games 2

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The Hunger Games

Games Ahhhh

Fandoms Unite

Harry Potter Sad Quotes

My life...Harry Potter & The Hunger Games mash-up!


Narnia Movie Quotes


Prince Caspian Movie


The Chronicles Of Narnia Movie


The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian

High King

Narnia Movie

Chronicles Of Narnia

Brother Destined

Movie Narnia

Fantasy Movies

The sister who didn't want to believe The brother destined to be king

King Queen

Chronicles Of Narnia Art

Narnia 100

Narnia Forever

Narnia Fanart

King Of Queens

Once a king of Narnia, forever a king of Narnia. Credit: Narnia by picklelova on deviantART

Feeling Don'T

Aw Narnia

Goodbye Narnia

Narnia Prince Caspian

Narnia Sad

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Narnia Goodbye

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No need to say goodbye...

Narnia Skandar'S

Kings Xd

High King

Narnia Peters

Narnia Kings

Narnia Caspian'S

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King Edmund

Cheesy Smile

Kings Of Narnia

Human Girls

Narnia I'M

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Chronicles Of Narnia

British Accent

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The Chronicles of Narnia

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Growing Up

Narnia Holy

Chronicles Of Narnia


Beautiful Narnia

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WOAH. Oh my freaking god!! Gorgeous ahahhhhh! For Narnia!!

4 Narnia

4 Aslan

Back To Narnia

Aslans Camp

Awesome Narnia

Chronicles Of Narnia

Narnia For Aslan

Aslan S Country

Dreaming Narnia

The Chronicles of Narnia -"Once a king or queen of Narnia always a king or queen of Narnia."

Alice In Wonderland Tim Burton

Mad Alice

Tim Burton Movie Quotes

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Tim Burton Movies Quotes

Tim Burton Quotes

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Mad Hatter

Bonkers. :)


Things to do in Oregon City and Canby

Narnia Lion Witch Wardrobe

Narnia Fan Art

The Witch And The Wardrobe

Narnia Fanart

Chronicles Of Narnia

Narnia Illustration

Book Fanart

The Chronicles of Narnia. This is too perfect!