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This guy lives in an apartment beneath two ridiculously stupid girls. He writes down all the stupid stuff they say. I love reading these!

when I saw this runner's name I burst out laughing. "HER NAME IS REGINA GEORGE!"

Really, calm down. I say this all the time during PE

(Teacher) Why do I hear people talking? (Brooke) Oh well I dont know.. BECAUSE YOU HAVE EARS?!? (everyone) O,O (BEN) :whispers to Jeff: That was a good one.. (Teacher) The office now! (Brooke) :shrugs and picks up books: Cya later losers..

They’re both texting someone right now saying ‘some weird guy next to me is wearing the same thing as me.'

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28 Reasons You Should Be Excited That "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" Is Coming Back

Whose Line Is It Anyway? "What is really going through George W. Bush's mind during cabinet meetings..."

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