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"one day you'll wake up at 11:30 AM on a Sunday with the love of your life and you'll make some coffee and pancakes and it'll all be alright."

Cuz some days are just down right hard...but no one needs to know that it's a rough day

Throughout life people will make you mad, disrespect you and treat you bad. Let god deal with the things they do, cause hate in your heart will consume you too.

< it's all worth it > just lay among the sun & stars*Not everyone will disappoint you ^^LookUp

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The Vow ♥

And those new beginnings are so much better than what you thought you were losing!!!

Be Brave...

I think this is all relationships. Not just "love" I actually think it is more applicable to friendships.

You'll get to a point in a relationship of any kind where you realize you aren't being respected and appreciated as much as you respect the other; this sucks but you'll be okay. Not just okay, you'll be happier without this person. Either stand up it walk away.

Ginger on the Move : Working Woman Wednesday!

For them being ignorant is easier, why educate yourself if you can just blindly wander around like a fool and let others take care care of everything


Dream World!


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You'll be alright because you were never hurt the way I was. You'll be alright because you have what you want and never intended on letting go!

Well, if so, then I'm really living my life...


#2Pac, having to much of a heart can leave you in some sticky situations.

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Dear Men: You might think she wants your car, your money, and gifts. But the Right Woman wants your time, your smile, your honesty, your effort, and you choosing to put her as a priority. (Quote, Charles J. Orlando)

"Luck plays a part, sure, but to be successful, you must have iron discipline. You must have energy and hunger and desire and honesty." - Faye Dunaway

Dear Working Mom --- Dear Working Mom, You wake up each morning weary, tired not sure how you are going to get through another day. You anxiously reach for that cup of hot vanilla flavored coffee anticipating the caffeine rush. You struggle to get the kids and yourself out … Read More Here