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  • Tiffany Massie

    Root Vegetable Juice: If you aren't a fan of eating your root veggies, then this pressed vegetable juice is a great way to enjoy all the health benefits in one tasty glass.

  • Becky Carlson

    Green smoothies

  • Audra Spaulding

    Glowing Sunshine: If the name alone of this glowing sunshine juice doesnt have you wanting a glass, then consider all the health benefits that come from the combo of grapefruit, carrots, and fresh-pressed ginger. Its a great option for kicking off your day, since grapefruit juice is known to curb a crazy appetite.

  • Selena O'Connor

    Vegetable Smoothies and Juice Recipes Photo 7

  • Hannah McGrew

    Glowing Sunshine- healthy smoothie recipes

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