DIY - Wordy Sweater Tutorial by Caught On A Whim, via Flickr

Great Embroidery Tutorials!

DIY - Tied in a Bow Sweater Tutorial @ Caught On A Whim

Embellishment Idea - Elbow Patches

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super cute DIY sweater!

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DIY - A spray of lazy daisies turns a bargain sweater into a great boutique find

DIY Stuffed Dino

Draw shape with chalk, slice a perpendicular equals sign (=) every inch and a half or so along the line with an x-acto knife, weave ribbon through, leaving a length before the first slice and tie a bow.

recycled sweater

DIY knit shirt

Old sweaters ~ Cut sweater straight across under the sleeves through both front and back. Measure the width for pillow form. Turn sweater inside out and sew a seam at the top. Turn right side out. For bow closings, sew two equal-length ribbons just inside the open end of the pillow cover. For a closed end, insert the form and hand-stitch closed.

DIY bunny sweater by

DIY Clutch // Caught On A Whim

DIY ruffle pillow...great way to add texture in the color you want

DIY Floral Jeans - gun vase by Maegan, via Flickr

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DIY - fold a necklace in half...attach ribbon to both ends...add clip earrings to hide the ribbon knots...add flower pin if desired

Use scraps of fabric to make these fun necklaces. You could also add a charm in the middle too!