Love Socks- Devin Clement Free pattern!

cheer-you-up winter socks.

Love Socks, free Ravelry pattern

free crochet sock pattern

Cute Knitted Socks!

A wonderful tutorial on knitting socks from the toe up..

One of my current knitting projects. The heel was scary in the beginning (until I put some of those knot-tying skills I learned in Girl Guides to good use); I'm sailing along right now. (Clarification: The picture is the one from I'm knitting my socks in pink and green. Because life is too short NOT to wear pink and green socks.)

Just one more: heart socks pattern from Ravelry

Rubberduck Socks - could be really fun with minis! #MiniSkeinMonday

Beautiful hand knitting German lace sock pattern from ravelry.

This is another pair I made. Simple to follow pattern. Mine were done in brown, green and blue verigated.

free pattern

Slippers (free pattern)

Little gnome hat

on Ravelry

Free pattern

Sock monkeys! I wonder if I could make this on a loom? Get the supplies and instructions to make this for cheap from Craftsy!

Free Pattern:: kid's Socks

I love these socks.