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genius simple fabric printing technique, wow.

cool chevron pattern // paper

stamp it

gift wrapping

fun & easy printing on kraft paper gift wrap using roll-out-stamp -- rolling pin, rubber bands, ink/paint.

DIY Holiday Wrapping Paper

so easy and cute! a different twist on the paper flower

Rolling pin stamping

Printmaking with your rolling pin - on a paper towel roll tube!

Creative wrapping DIY

Hot glue + paper towel rolls- texture rollers

Use letter beads on a string use their name, or "happy bday"/whatever celebration they're celebrating

Filth Wizardry: Rolling Pin Printing

homemade envelopes out of scrapbook paper


Love, love this idea. Wrap a gift with a pocket for holding the card. Why didn't I think of this? Doesn't take that much extra work or paper.

DIY stencil paint roller... Personally I'm not a scrap booking type of girl but this same technique COULD be used on a larger scale (walls for example). She (that would be me - Catherine Witherell) cut out pieces of sticky-back foam in the shapes she wanted, attached them to a TP roll, then slid in a wrapping paper roll to get the actual paint roller action. Pretty fantastic idea... Try?

animal bows - how cute!

Yummy. I love these. Flower Wrapping Paper