DIY: Floral Cross Stitch Sweater

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DIY: Cross Stitch Heart Sweater

Man in cross stitch sweater....

Cross stitch Sweatshirt. What's not to love?

Knotted feather stitch sampler / Photo # 52 - Kidston C. - Stitch! Exclusive Cath Kidston designs - 2010 - tymannost

cross stitch

Sequin Phrase Sweatshirt DIY

DIY tutorial: Cross Stitch Heart Sweater

DIY: cross stitch chair

Thriftiness as art: mending your wool sweater with needle felted patches.

So pretty

make an old sweater new again....

DIY Cross-Stitch Wall Art | Deer

DIY: cross-stitch sweater

Floral Cross Stitch Sweater DIY

Cardigan refresh tutorial

I LOVE THIS!!!!!! This was my motto when I worked, but I still wanted to kill people.

cross stitch