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  • Alexandria Grace

    Homemade Poptarts! Such a yummy treat for the morning or even dessert.ツ

  • Bread and Butter Basket Company

    homemade pop tarts #recipe #baking

  • Mia Taylor

    I'd love to have these on the dessert table at our wedding! Nom! > Homemade pop tarts

  • Jumbo Shrimping

    Homemade Poptarts: 300 g flour (I used whole wheat) 150 g butter, softened 50 g powdered sugar 2 egg yolks pinch of salt fruit preserves (I used homemade rhubarb + strawberry + vanilla, you'd preferably want whole fruit jam made without use of any gelling agent like pectin or gelatin because such jam would melt in baking temperature and soak into the cake) glaze (lemon juice + powdered sugar + food coloring, or your favorite one) sprinkles

  • popcosmo

    home made poptarts

  • noname studio

    8 Super-Fun Weekend Projects!

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Poptarts are one of the best breakfast inventions ever, but these homemade poptarts, (which I'll call tangyjumps so that I'm not doing anything illegal ^.^) look even better then the originals!

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Homemade Pop Tarts - seriously once you try these you'll never looked at the boxed kind the same again. Melt in your mouth delicious!!

Homemade Pop Tarts. *Good!!! Not too hard to make! Kind of tricky to roll into a perfect square.. but tastes the same!