How to stay awake at an office job (without caffeine!) - CHAPTER FRIDAY


What Your Coffee Says About You


We will just go ahead and apologize in advance. We can't be held responsible for pre-coffee antics.Check out our site for Grounds & Hounds mugs to add to your real mug collection!

me. at work.

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'Stay Focused' Mug

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: To hell with beauty sleep... I want skinny sleep.

Low Batt by roy calvillo

Easy as that.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Love it! Only it should be an XS energy drink. Much much much better :)

Whenever I visit my Dad, I keep my Starbucks routine. When I leave the house to go get my joe, he yells out, "Going to get a $12 cup of that designer coffee? I don't know why Folgers ain't good enough."


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Black Friday calls for extreme measures. #BlackFriday #Coffee #MrCoffee


funny coffee joke - You are about as useful as decaffeinated coffee