How to stay awake at an office job (without caffeine!) - CHAPTER FRIDAY

"Depression? Isn't that just a fancy term for feeling 'bummed out'?" "Dwight, you ignorant slut" hahaha love this

Starbucks, it's cheaper than therapy

Can't Stop The Coffee ~ Funny Poster Sign by FunnyBusiness

Coffee, Wine prayer tea towel - Lord give me Coffee - kitchen towel - Tea towel- super cute flour sack towel

funny coffee quote on productivity. caffeine.

lol this might be my favorite coffee quote yet. Oh, I miss you coffee,

Those with true Narcissistic Personality Disorder fully live the position that all others are in the world literally to serve them.The NPD will become enraged (or intensely frustrated) if the “other”, who is supposed to be propping up their ego, does not function in that way which can result in physical domination over significant others when they do not act as their Self-Object. Most of us don’t have such a desperation to have our ego/self esteem massaged by others.

yup - totally buying this! Coffee Before Safe Conversation Coffee Mugs

Easy as that.

Whenever I visit my Dad, I keep my Starbucks routine. When I leave the house to go get my joe, he yells out, "Going to get a $12 cup of that designer coffee? I don't know why Folgers ain't good enough."



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Damn You Pinterest!!!


I eat cookies. Watch rain. Watch videos on YouTube.

Haha not too far from the truth

So true...