How to make super chunky yarn for extreme knitting from a sheet of crushed velvet, or any other jersey fabric. #extreme #knitting #yarn

Magic Knot to join yarn. A tiny knot that won't come undone ❥ 4U // hf This really works...i use it all the time now

Easter Bunny Knitting

Knit Pillows: use t shirt yarn and crochet something chunky, then back it and fill! Could be awesome!

Recycle old T-shirts into twine. one day i might want to crochet with t-shirt yarn...

Arm knitting . . . . I must try this!!! Seriously - this needs to be a project for me!


knitted bag

#01 Ottoman Cover by Vogue Knitting Published in Vogue Knitting, Winter 2011/12 Designer Knitting, Winter 2011/12

how to make t-shirt yarn

A super-clear tutorial on spinning yarn

This is a very useful way to weave rugs at lowest cost, you can use yarn, cord, rope, or fabric scraps to make rug, but thin yarn or thread ...make a super large loom from cardboard

Tutorial for making center pull balls of yarn using a toilet paper or paper towel roll. More details at the site. Easy and so useful to know!

rag rugging at its best

5 tips for knitting with super size needles

crochet coasters out of t shirt yarn. Ooo next project! We need baby-proof coasters.

Knitted knitting bag. #knitting

This incredible yarn is perfect for Arm Knitting or Big Stitch Knitting. We just love the soft, unplied feel of this yarn - perfect for giant sqooshy cowls, thr

HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN TARN: T-shirt yarn, also known as “tarn”, is perfect for lots of DIY craft projects. It has a nice slightly stretchy quality, and is very easy to make yourself. This video will show you how to make long continuous pieces of t-shirt yarn and how to connect two ends of tarn together. After cutting the longs strips (using a rotary cutter is quickest), just tug on each end; this will cause the tarn to curl, making the "corners" virtually disappear!