"101 things to do for your husband. I liked this, some things were obvious, some not, all good to remember."

For when I get married...30 days of pleasing your husband. Yes...I repinned this :)

Mrs. Egli - Husband Surprises

I was really bored a d wanted to make something sweet for my boyfriend

99 Things You Might be Thankful for about Your Husband

Marriage Survival Tool Kit. I need one of these!

52 Things I Love About You Keepsake! Simple, cute deck of cards gift for boyfriend!

Never stop being your husband's girlfriend.

I love you

Pre-Planned Dates! Adorable

This is cute!

There are some fun date ideas here. Love the idea of the spa at home, game night and camp out in the livingroom.

Hilarious! "This is your Birthday and to show I care, I wanted to get you something to wear…I wasn’t sure of your size, and money is tight, and buying the wrong thing just wouldn’t be right… So, I’m giving you something I know you can use; It’s almost as useful as a new pair of shoes. Now every time you sit to pee, I know that you will be thinking of me! So, use this gift to dry your tush, Then make a wish before you flush."

50+ Things to Make from Old Jeans!

25 prayers for my husband.

6 Ways to Build Up Your Husband...

Birthdays, anniversaries, & Christmas! (marriage tips, husband)

bridesmaid gifts?

12 Uses for Vicks VapoRub - my favorite that I learned while in Mexico: put Vicks on a mosquito bite and it takes away the itching! It is the best remedy I have ever found. Everyone always looked at me crazily when I told them of my Mexican remedy, and now I have this article to back me up :)