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    Polish those saddle shoes and baby shoes with Lanol White!

    Toni home perm smelled up the whole house!

    Mr. Green Jeans. Of course our tv was black and white, so I had no idea as a kid that he wore green jeans. da.

    Sani-White | Flickr - (for shoes and WHITE tennis shoes, too!)

    pearl drops whitening tooth polish...

    Barefoot all summer

    THE CHAIR ... Dental chair. This is how it looked when I was a child. Barbaric. Hated the dentist.

    Bass Sandals~Forgot about these, everyone wore them!

    Buster Brown Shoes--everybody had a pair

    First day of kindergarten, saddle shoes. I can see why my mom made me wear them. They are charming.

    Sani White!

    1960 - when nurses looked like nurses ~ starched white cap and professional white uniforms

    Shorthand- omg the nightmares this brings back!

    shoe horns~ I still have a couple of these that were my fathers. The come in handy once in awhile!

    Mercurochrome, our neosporin.

    Ironing in front of the black and white

    rubbermaid bathtub appliques 1972. We had purple, mauve, and white ones in our tub

    Remember when people actually measured your shoe size for you?

    white patent leather "Easter shoes"

    barbie shoes

    Anybody remember Kinney's Shoe Stores?