Polish those saddle shoes and baby shoes with Lanol White!

THE CHAIR ... Dental chair. This is how it looked when I was a child. Barbaric. Hated the dentist.

remember when ALL nurses wore them - and starched white uniforms, too!

Toni home perm smelled up the whole house!

NBC peacock. But not cool when you still had a black and white television!

Mercurochrome. It stings!

Vintage shoe shine box.

Ironing in front of the black and white

shoe horns~ I still have a couple of these that were my fathers. The come in handy once in awhile!

First day of kindergarten, saddle shoes. I can see why my mom made me wear them. They are charming.

Barefoot all summer

Using clear nail polish to stop the runs in your hose. Gee - how many times - lol.

Hollywood Sani-White Shoe Polish.

White patent leather shoes for Easter.

We had to wear uniform gym clothes and tennis shoes

Remember when people actually measured your shoe size for you?

Shorthand- omg the nightmares this brings back!

1960 - when nurses looked like nurses ~ starched white cap and professional white uniforms

Vintage CUTEX PEARL NAIL POLISH pearly white polish in a spillpruf bottle white Chesebrough Ponds ad 1960s

Nina 'Bonnett' Mary Jane (Walker, Toddler & Little Kid) available at #Nordstrom

I remember these!