Polish those saddle shoes and baby shoes with Lanol White!

THE CHAIR ... Dental chair. This is how it looked when I was a child. Barbaric. Hated the dentist.

NBC peacock. But not cool when you still had a black and white television!

remember when ALL nurses wore them - and starched white uniforms, too!

Toni home perm smelled up the whole house!

Vintage shoe shine box - my dad had one just like this.

Hollywood Sani-White Shoe Polish.

shoe horns~ I still have a couple of these that were my fathers. The come in handy once in awhile!

Using clear nail polish to stop the runs in your hose. Gee - how many times - lol.

we never wore shoes back in those days unless Mom made us

1960's glue...omg, what crap...remembered when white glue was invented!

Yardley Slicker lipstick. I LOVED my Yardley Slicker! I had the oh-so-cool pearly white lipstick!

I can even remember the scent of this stuff!

saddle shoes

Dress up high heel shoes. Used to get these on birthdays.

Buster Brown Shoes

Avon polish…Ohh Avon...

Easter Dresses... we had to have new dresses, new shoes, new hats, new pocketbooks, new gloves...

Roller skates..i still have mine!

Ironing in front of the black and white

Saddle shoes!