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    Just a shower curtain.

    Charming Cat Found - Imgur

    Need a pen? - Imgur

    Dad humor - Imgur

    Wie #SocialMedia in der analogen Welt funktionieren wuerde | Social media in real life (by ‏@Sarah Andersen via @Bobbie Jorgensen drueben bei Twitter) #Cartoon #Twitter #Facebook & Co. #SocialMedia

    I actually laughed out loud - Imgur

    best baby shower card ever

    Sloth Curtain

    This made me laugh

    Outdoor shower looks like fun.

    Awesome inventions

    This is awesome!

    Seen this and worth keeping and sharing... British English vs American English. some samples. funny-British-American-English-differences

    Repost to get into heaven

    No Lime Please!: Top Annoying Facebook Posts Part 2

    This photograph has been doing the rounds on social media for the last few months, but what's really going on? A Greek doctor snapped this amazing image during a caesarian section. Unusually, the amniotic sac remained intact as the birth progressed. Typically it breaks, but this time it did not -leading to the baby not even being aware it had been born. Until the amniotic sac breaks, the baby will continue to receive oxygen and nutrients from the placenta. This baby was born safe and healthy.

    Take my paws...

    18 Glorious Moments From "Monty Python And The Holy Grail" Love this movie!

    Get to the Point - vinyl wall decals sayings (set of 8). $19.00, via Etsy. Hilarious!


    Ahhh, my inner history geek died!