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HAHA! Right!

Funny Independence Day Ecard: This July lets celebrate the hard-fought independence of America and Katie Holmes.


I might as well call you 'Bridge to Terebithia" because you make children cry -New Girl

Once You Go Black

I'm still waiting on the "Once you go black, you never go back" episode of Mythbusters.

xD HAHA!! I like this!!

Maybe your dick would be bigger if of it wasn't shoved into you personality.

According to MASH, I was supposed to end up a successful architect, driving a purple lamborghini, married to Brad Pitt, have one kid and a pet tiger, and living in a mansion. WTF??

omg lol, I forgot about playing MASH when I was a kid.yeah wtf, this is not at ALL how my life was supposed to turn out!