Sketchy hot air balloon back tattoo. "explore dream discover"

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Van Gogh this tattoo!!!! Van gogh's starry starry night is one of my favorite paintings..i would love to have a tat like this...

Hot air balloon tattoo idea

white ink tattoo -I'm starting to like the feathers. Especially the 3d part

Dandelion hot air balloon


hot air balloon drawing - Pesquisa Google

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This is very cool. I have talked to people who got their tattoos because they are grieving a loss. This is so much better than a portrait of an ex.

This is so sweet. It makes me wonder if this is what a whale would wish for if he was asked.

hot air balloons. tattoo inspiration

binary-shminary: tattoo by Kelly McGrath (@kellymcgrathart)

Poetic and meaningful tattoo by LW.

I really really like this actually

white tattoo

Hot Air Balloon Tattoo - Love it

pretty to work in... maybe like a garden. add to existing and vine up?

Made by Lisa Chow Such Great Heights 5"x7" pen and watercolor on tea stained paper $50 For purchase inquiries, please email

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